hammertoe remedy
by Tom Hein | 5:22 pm

Hammertoe Remedy (Simple Solutions)

THE ORIGINS of hammertoe problems, and what constitutes a good hammertoe remedy, will be the topic for this article. There are so many different types of braces we can utilize for all sorts of

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by Tom Hein | 2:26 pm

Review: Hamstring Support Wraps (Very Affordable Help)

PRODUCT: Pro-Tec Athletics Hamstring Compression Wrap WHERE TO BUY: Amazon MATERIAL: Neoprene SIZE: One size fits all FEATURES: 4″ x 6″ compression pad built in   One of the Better Hamstring Support Wraps ONE

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by Tom Hein | 1:44 pm

Review: Tendonitis Elbow Strap (Remarkable Relief)

Product: Solace Care Lateral Epicondylitis EPI Clasp Where to Buy: Amazon Sizes: Designed to fit most Material: 80% Neoprene 20% Nylon w/gel pad   Tendonitis Elbow Strap vs a Sleeve SINCE YOU’RE Probably Reading

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Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis
by Tom Hein | 1:59 pm

Review: #1 Brace for Plantar Fasciitis (a Perfect Fix!)

Product: “Everyday Medical” Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Brace Where to Buy: Amazon Material: Velcro, Neoprene, and Aluminium Sizes: The brace covers most foot sizes and can be used for either the right or left

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achilles tendon support
by Tom Hein | 3:18 pm

Review for Achilles Tendon Support (This One’s Brilliant)

PRODUCT: Bauerfeind AchilloTrain – Achilles Tendon Support WHERE TO BUY: CSA Medical Supply SIZES: 5 available – in either RIGHT or LEFT       COLORS: Titanium, Black, Natural   Situations for Using an

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saunders sully shoulder stabilizer
by Tom Hein | 3:22 pm

Review for Saunders Sully Shoulder Stabilizer (a Unique Brace)

Product: Saunders Sully Shoulder Stabilizer by DonJoy Where to Buy: www.csamedicalsupply.com Material: Breathable neoprene Sizes: X-S, S, M, L, X-LG What Would Be the Need for a Saunders Sully Shoulder Stabilizer? There are multiple

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Hurrycane walking cane
by Tom Hein | 9:12 pm

Hurrycane Walking Cane Review (#1 – an Amazing Cane!)

Product: HurryCane Folding All-Terrain Cane/Walking Stick Where to Buy Hurrycane Walking Cane: Amazon Price: £20.99 Material: Aluminum Colors: Original Silver, Trailblazer Blue, Pathfinder Purple, Roadrunner Red The King of Canes I’m guessing you’re in

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by Tom Hein | 12:31 pm

Review for: Best Carpal Tunnel Brace ( a Bona Fide Winner!)

Product: Bauerfeind ManuLoc Rhizo Wrist Support Where to buy: CSA Medical SupplyBauerfreind Material: Aluminum and breathable fabric with Velcro straps Sizes: 4 sizes available covering wrist diameters from 12 – 26cm Feature: Removable thumb

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by Tom Hein | 6:34 pm

Review For:”Supportiback” Lumbar Support (The Perfect Back Saver)

Product: Supportiback® Posture Therapy Lumbar Support Cushion Material: Memory Foam interior with breathable cover Size: 32 cm square Included: 30 day risk-free trial and FREE e-Book – “Back Health”   Why Do I Need

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by Tom Hein | 8:19 am

What Are Some Causes of Back Pain? (Help Is Here!)

AS A PRACTITIONER, This Question is Posed to Me Quite Often – “What Are Some Causes of Back Pain?” “I can wear a back brace to help cope with back pain, but why does

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