Tennis Player
by Tom Hein | 3:24 pm

Elbow Braces for Tendonitis – Not Just For Tennis Players

WHAT WAS the first thing you thought of when you saw “elbow” and “tendonitis”? I’ll bet it was tennis elbow. So called “tennis elbow” can occur for many of us, not just tennis players.

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Ankle Injury
by Tom Hein | 9:52 am

Ankle Braces and Supports – For Sports or General Injury

IT IS so easy to take our ankles for granted, that is until we injure them in some way! The ankle is a complex joint, which bears the weight of the whole body; consequently,

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Basketball Players
by Tom Hein | 9:48 am

Braces For Basketball – Staying in the Game!

Dealing with basketball injuries has changed SO much since I was on the floor! The days of wearing knee pads to prevent injury are pretty much over. Now the trend is to wear no

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DDS Cervical Traction Collar
by Tom Hein | 11:05 am

Review For: DDS Cervitrac Cervical Traction Collar – Is This The One I Need?

Product: DDS Cervitrac Cervical Traction Collar Price: $300.00 Where to Purchase: CSA Medical Supply Sizes: Small (11.5 – 14.5 inches) Large (14.6 – 17.5 inches) Recommended usage: 15-30 minutes per day and 2-3 times

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Cervical Neck Brace
by Tom Hein | 4:25 pm

Cervical Spine Support Brace – Their Purpose

This site is dedicated to finding braces to support joints of the body that become compromised in some way. When thinking of joints in our body, I’m guessing that the neck doesn’t spring to

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Hip Surgery
by Tom Hein | 1:52 pm

Hip Brace Stabilizer ….. Post-Op

Having surgery on your hip is quite brutal, and particularly when it’s a full replacement. I haven’t had this done, but I did experience a lot of what it’s all about with a close

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Serola SI Belt
by Tom Hein | 3:26 pm

Review for: Serola Sacroiliac Belt – Just How Will it Help Me?

Product: Serola Sacroiliac Belt Price: £37.08 (free UK shipping inc. via Amazon) Available Sizes: S M L XL (plus an optional 8″ extender for any size. There is also custom sizing available if Small

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by Tom Hein | 4:15 pm

Braces for Women -Pregnancy Related

The miracle of pregnancy doesn’t come without its challenges. While men, and even women who aren’t mothers, obviously can’t speak from firsthand experience on this topic, we can all agree that 9 months of

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Young Man Bowling
by Tom Hein | 12:34 pm

Bowling and How it Affects the Body’s Joints

  Having grown up near Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) in the 60’s – 70’s, I was right in the middle of a bowling hotspot (remember Happy Days & the “Fonz”?). It was a big part

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by Tom Hein | 12:11 pm

Knee Braces for a Meniscus Tear

I was very active, and above average (if I do say so myself) in several sports during my high school-days. It was my junior year during a football game (American football that is) where

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