Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis
by Tom Hein | 1:59 pm

Product: “Everyday Medical” Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Brace

Where to Buy: Amazon

Material: Velcro, Neoprene, and Aluminium

Sizes: The brace covers most foot sizes and can be used for either the right or left foot


WITH THIS Review, I Will be Giving You the Virtues of an Exceptional Brace for Plantar Fasciitis From Everyday Medical.

They have a foot brace that is designed to be worn at night, and in my opinion, that is the best way (and time) to correct this problem.

We depend on healthy feet day in and day out, and even take them for granted. That is until we have something as painful as plantar fasciitis.

There are many braces, or wraps, that are meant to be worn while you’re active and going about your daily life. But think about that – how can it heal if it’s constantly being stressed?

Regardless of what type of brace you use, the best way to heal your stressed fascia is rest and gentle stretching.


To read more about this condition, I have written a more detailed article that you can find here.

Now, let’s get into what makes this foot brace for plantar fasciitis tick ……

Everyday Medical’s – Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis:

Wearing a brace that is meant for night time use, stretches the plantar fasciitis (PF) while you’re resting. During the day, when you’re using your foot, the PF is shortened, or contracted, and therefore is always under tension and over-stressed – the very thing that created the problem!

This is the beauty of this foot brace for plantar fasciitis – it’s lightweight and comfortable enough to wear while in bed.

It has a very open design, which will keep heat build up to a minimum.

It holds the foot at an angle that is comfortable to you – an angle that stretches the fascia in the bottom of your foot, in other words, it is very adjustable. Everyday Medical Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis

This promotes blood circulation, helps reduce lactic acid build up, and improves muscle recovery.

It has adjustable velcro straps, and wraps around the midsection of the foot and just above the ankle. There is a padded flexible aluminium bar that connects between the two, and helps hold the desired angle.

It’s suggested that you start out with a minimal bend in this bar, until your fascia relaxes and gets used to the stretching effect, and gradually increase the bend until it gets around 90 degrees.

The neoprene material is perforated and breathable, which also adds to the comfort of this particular foot brace for plantar fasciitis.

How is This Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis Different Than Others?

The other braces designed for resting or overnight use are quite bulky, similar to a ski boot. This would be very awkward while sleeping, and the boot style would also be rather warm, as it covers a good part of the foot.

There are other styles that aren’t meant for overnight use, but rather for daytime/active use. These are sleeve type and try to correct the problem (while you’re mobile) by giving compression. I would have to say that this will give minimal effectiveness, if any.

Since the Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis can’t be used for walking around, the benefit of the sleeve style would be to use it in conjunction with Everyday Medical’s brace.

Reviews From Users

Of the reviews I found (23), 83% gave this foot brace for plantar fasciitis either 4 or 5 stars, leaving only 17% 3 stars or less. Pretty good stats I would say!

***** Here’s a 5 star review that says it takes some time to get used to, as the muscles get loosened up and adjusted. But says you must persevere and be patient as it helps ease the morning pain that can be experienced when first getting out of bed. He also says the stretching exercises are a must to correct plantar fasciitis!

*****Another 5 “starer” – It works well for pain relief once you get the hang of it. Easy to put on, and an excellent, lightweight, and inexpensive brace.

*****A woman also giving 5 stars said she had fantastic results within 2 weeks of wearing the Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis by Everyday Medical.                                     

As you can imagine, there are plenty of good things being said about this brace, but what about the “less than stellar” comments? Here are some of those:

*This person didn’t like it because the velcro straps are too strong and ahd to pull apart.  I can see that being an issue if your hand strength is compromised in some way, although, this is what you want – to keep the brace firmly in position with your movements, you want straps that won’t pull loose.

*This man has a pretty severe case of plantar fasciitis from what he said, and that he was using on of those bigger bulky boot type braces. He bought this one because of it’s slimmer profile, but wasn’t getting the same relief as the big one.                                                                                It may be the case where surgery might be needed in his situation, and a brace won’t fix the problem, only help post-op for recovery.

Before I Go ……

For those of you that are in pain from plantar fasciitis, I hope you find relief quickly! And for those of you who try the Everyday Medical Foot Brace for Plantar Fasciitis, I hope you will stop back here and leave your comments for the rest of us to benefit from.

As always – if you have questions to ask, or comments to make now, please do so, and you can be sure to receive my prompt reply 😉

All the best,


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Please use discernment in the consideration of purchasing any type of health related products via the internet. Educating yourself prior to buying is always suggested and recommended.



A few years ago I broke my ankle while playing football and the last couple of years I am in a lot of pain in this area. I visited my doctor a couple of days ago and he told me that I probably have plantar fasciitis which was probably caused by the broken leg and torn ligaments.

Is this brace really going to help my case or what?

Jul 08.2019 | 02:16 pm

    Tom Hein

    Sorry to hear that Harry.

    All past traumas that our body goes through build up over time. Even though they might have “healed”, it’s still  stress which can, if not properly released, create problems after the fact. 

    Because of the broken leg and ligament damage, your body had to adapt and compensate, which very possibly created the tension in your plantar fasciitis. 

    I would most definitely give this brace a try, along with gentle foot stretching, and a daytime compression sleeve. 

    Keep me posted Harry – I would be very interested in knowing how you proceed with fixing this problem. 

    All the best,


    Jul 08.2019 | 03:56 pm

Emmanuel Buysse

I never heard about this before to be honest. But after reading, it sounds very painful. It is good that these kind of braces exist, to counter those bad effects. I have one question however, is this waterproof or not? Knowing there will be people working in a moisturious environment , or they want to shower with it. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. 

Jul 08.2019 | 02:16 pm

    Tom Hein

    That fact that you haven’t heard about this is a good thing for you Emmanuel! I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through this. 

    To answer your (good) questions, first of all, it’s not necessary to wear it while showering/bathing and would be best to remove it beforehand. In fact, soaking a foot with plantar fasciitis in hot bath water, without the brace on, would help to relax those tight fascia tissues. 

    Is it waterproof? yes and no – neoprene is somewhat water repellent, but not waterproof. If it does get wet, it won’t be ruined, it will dry out, but I wouldn’t make a habit of getting it wet – especially while wearing it. 

    I hope this answers your queries. If I can be of moe help – please leave a note and I’ll get back asap. 

    All the best,


    Jul 08.2019 | 04:07 pm


Hii there 

Thia review is so educative and helpful .Before reading this review I didn’t know about brace for planter fascitis.This product is important for feet . We can get this from Amazon . I will try to get one for myself.I will tell my friends and family about this. Thanks for taking time and sharing.

Jul 08.2019 | 02:17 pm

    Tom Hein

    I’m glad you found this review of help Rizvee. 

    If you have plantar fasciitis, I’m sure you will be helped by this brace. 

    Thank you for your thoughts, and all the best!


    Jul 08.2019 | 04:09 pm

Aabidah Ahmed

I’ve been looking to use something for the pain in my right foot. After hiking one day, it gave me a pain in my foot that cannot seem to go away. It’s difficult to walk at times, especially when I have my baby boy to look after. I accept stand too long around with him.

I don’t want to go to the doctor to check it out but cannot seem to get out there. After discovering this that I can use, I’ll give it a try. I want to be able to go hiking again.

Thank you for covering this topic. I know this will help me.

All the best.

Jul 08.2019 | 02:17 pm

    Tom Hein

    This is what it’s all about for me – giving people help, especially when they didn’t know help was available!

    I’m sorry you’re going through this pain Aabidah. When your foot is already sore, it’s very hard to function, take care of a little one, and also stand on it for long periods. 

    My suggestions for you:

    ~ Soak your foot in a hot bath (or large bowl) with Epsom salt in it. The magnesium in the Epsom salt is a very good muscle relaxant. 

    ~ Use this brace at night

    ~ Use a compression sleeve (made for plantar fasciitis trouble) over your foot during the day

    ~ Rest your foot as much as possible – very important!

    I hope this keeps you out of the doctor’s office, but if it continues to worsen after trying the above methods, please seek out professional help. 

    All the best,


    Jul 08.2019 | 04:18 pm

Andy Zeus Anderson

Thanks for a very informative post about a very painful health issue. Plantar Fasciitis is something that luckily I have never had but you read about athletes all the time is taken out for several weeks or even a season due to its debilitating pain. I have had friends who have suffered from the effects for years and will definitely recommend your blog for more information.

Jul 08.2019 | 02:18 pm

    Tom Hein

    Thank you Andy for the possible referral!

    I’m happy that you haven’t gone through this, as you’re right – it’s very painful and debilitating. If it’s not dealt with properly, it will go on and on as your friends can attest to. 

    Here’s to your (foot) health!


    Jul 08.2019 | 04:22 pm


Hello, Tom! I am curious about this foot brace if it can also be used by people suffering from heel spurs. My friend is one of them and every morning at work, she would complain how hard it is for her to walk. She’s given medication but refused to take steroids yet. She was also advised to wear a heel support which she’s unable to wear at times we have to wear our formal uniform paired with formal shoes. 

I think it’s a great idea to have her wear it at bedtime, and do her morning foot stretch to ease her pain. Thank you for sharing this. I am pretty sure she doesn’t know it yet because I haven’t heard her talking about it. This foot brace may help aleviate her pain caused by heel spurs.

Jul 08.2019 | 02:20 pm

    Tom Hein

    Hi MissusB 😉

    In my opinion (and again – I’m not a doctor) – medication will not repair a bone spur, only mask the discomfort associated with it. Meds can reduce the inflammation and pain, but the pain is there for a reason. If the pain is blocked, she may over exert her foot and worsen the problem. The pain will make her take it easy on her foot and possibly prevent further damage. 

    After doing some quick research, I found that quite often, bone/heel spurs may come about as a result of plantar fasciitis. If this is the case with your friend, then this brace should definitely improve her situation. 

    Heel spurs are actually calcium deposits on the bone. I would suggest to your friend, that she soak her foot in hot water with Epsom salt in it (maybe 4 tablespoons in a large bowl). The magnesium in the Epsom salt will help to counteract and balance out the excess calcium. 

    Between the foot soaks, the night time brace, a compression sleeve worn over her foot (much like a sock) for daytime use, and some gentle stretching exercises, I think your friend can eliminate her heel spur. 

    Please keep me informed (if you would) as I am interested to know (and maybe others as well) if these suggestions aid your friend. 

    All the best to you both!


    Jul 08.2019 | 04:51 pm

Anthony Hu

It is a timely post for me. Recently I have stabbing near the heel and the pain is the worst in the morning, which could be a sign of plantar facsiitis. My doctor’s appointment is 2 weeks away and I think I am going to order for this brace now so that I could relieve my pain. 

You mentioned that this brace is Medical brace. Do I need doctor’s prescription to purchase or should I get my doctor’s advice before I purchase and use it.

Thanks for sharing

Jul 08.2019 | 02:32 pm

    Tom Hein

    That’s a shame that you heel is giving you pain Anthony. If the pain is concentrated only in the heel, you may have a heel bone spur. If it’s under the middle of your foot, then it’s more likely to be plantar fasciitis. 

    This is a brace like countless others, in that it can be purchased “over the counter” without a doctor’s prescription or advice. However, if you buy and use this brace for 2 weeks or so, and feel NO improvement, I would recommend a doctor visit to have it checked out professionally. 

    I sure hope you can fix the problem without the time and expense of getting doctors involved – but don’t be afraid to seek them out when needed. 

    All the best my friend,


    Jul 08.2019 | 05:04 pm


Thank you for your review of the Everyday Medical Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Brace. The strong Velcro to hold the foot in place at adjustable angles while giving support to the bottom of the foot is the perfect night brace to suggest to my clients.

I am a Herbalist working in the alternative medicine field. I always suggest changes in diet and specific herbal formulas given orally and topically to help strengthen the fascia when plantar fasciitis is suspected. This brace is the perfect addition to stretch the foot while in a resting position. Thanks again!

Jul 08.2019 | 02:35 pm

    Tom Hein

    You’re so welcome Shannon! It’s great that we can “team up” to help those in need 🙂

    Magnesium is also a great way to tackle plantar fasciitis, as it’s a great muscle relaxant and can counteract a calcium overload should that be present. 

    I love the concept this brace represents – to heal your foot while it’s resting … as it should be!

    I hope you are able to help many clients with this brace Shannon, and thanks for giving my review your review 😉

    All the best,


    Jul 08.2019 | 04:57 pm

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