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Happy mother-to-beThe miracle of pregnancy doesn’t come without its challenges. While men, and even women who aren’t mothers, obviously can’t speak from firsthand experience on this topic, we can all agree that 9 months of carrying a child inside one’s body can create havoc in numerous ways. Being the father of 2 children, I can attest to what a mother-to-be goes through.

Backache during pregnancy is very common, especially in the later stages when your ligaments loosen and the growing baby affects your posture. The stress on your body caused by pregnancy also puts you at greater risk of back injury.

What can Help?

The last trimester is when the aches and pains really kick in (in more ways than one) which is the time to seek out a maternity belt, pregnancy support brace, or another name is belly band. There are various types for different discomforts and targeted purposes. They can also be worn beneath your clothing so as to be unnoticeable. While most have good adjustability, if you buy one too early (sometimes this is from necessity though), you may need a second one towards the end of the full term.

If you have pelvic or pubic bone pain, you’ll want a brace/belt that can be worn lower. Whereas, if it’s your back that is feeling the strain, one that fits higher up will support the baby from dropping lower and give relief to your aching back muscles.

The sacroiliac joint (SI) becomes more unstable as different hormones prepare your body for labor and delivery of your child. Various ligaments also undergo changes in preparation for the big day, and again, leaving you feeling less stable. As you carry more weight, your posture becomes affected as well. As you go along the 9-month process, you can become desperate for help and relief. This can be found with the appropriate bracing device.Pregnancy back brace

Caution should be used so as not to become too dependent on a support brace though. You typically would want to use one for a few hours a day to aid with a specific task or purpose. You still want to utilize core strengthening exercises as they will be the ultimate aid when you need them the most.

postpartum belly wrapWhat About Postpartum?

The abdominal wall is designed to stretch, and all women will get some separation in their ab muscles. Wearing a belt or wrap postpartum will give some external support while the muscles regenerate. It’s recommended to use a belly wrap for the first 8 weeks after delivery to aid the diastasis muscles recover. Even for C-sections, wearing an abdominal wrap will give valued support and protection as the muscles recover from the surgery.

To be noted: postpartum wraps are typically not as rigid and may also be wider.

Wrapping Up ……..

I thank you for reading through this brief overview of how braces help through pregnancy. I am by no means an expert on this subject and welcome your thoughts, experiences, and comments.

All the best, and I truly hope your pregnancy, and beyond, is filled with joy!

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