Hurrycane walking cane
by Tom Hein | 9:12 pm

Product: HurryCane Folding All-Terrain Cane/Walking Stick

Where to Buy Hurrycane Walking Cane: Amazon

Price: £20.99

Material: Aluminum

Colors: Original Silver, Trailblazer Blue, Pathfinder Purple, Roadrunner Red

The King of Canes

I’m guessing you’re in the market to buy a walking cane since you found your way to this page. Aren’t you amazed at all the options and wide variety available?! I sure was when I first wrote about the myriad of choices.

At this stage of my life, I’m personally not needing one. However, if I was to buy a walking cane, I would without a doubt, buy a Hurrycane walking cane!

I really like the 3-points of contact it provides. It’s touted as an all-terrain walking stick, and I can clearly imagine how well it would handle rough, uneven surfaces compared to the conventional single tip cane.

When your stability is already compromised for whatever reason, it only makes sense to rely on 4 contact points that will be highly unlikely to veer off a stone or other irregular surface.

Taking a tumble due to slippage of a cane could have devastating consequences. I’m betting a good feeling of added security would come right along with the purchase of a Hurrycane walking cane.

And when buying for someone else, wouldn’t you have more peace of mind if you handed him or her a cane such as this?

Hurrycane Walking Cane Review

Let’s get into more detail of what sets this type of cane apart from the pack.

  • Foldable – a great feature to have for traveling, as it’s under 14″ when folded up. It easily unfolds and snaps into position, and doesn’t buckle at the joints
  • Aluminum shaft – making it strong yet lightweight
  • Strap – attached to the handle makes it easy to pick things up with both hands and not lose track of the cane handle-strap
  • Travel bag – protection from scratches in suitcases etc
  • Colors – a nice option to get away from the silver aluminum look or plain black – adding a little pizzazz to your step
  • Adjustable – 8 click button height adjustments (30.5″ – 37.5″) making it very versatile to accommodate different shoe thicknesses you may have, or if someone else borrows it (if you’re willing to part with it)
  • Free standing – it will ever be at your side and ready to go. No more leaning a cane against something only to have it slide to the floor. Plus if it’s next to your chair, it’s ready to assist from sitting to standing.
  • 3-point tip – the highlight of the highlights! Enough said 😉3-point-head





  • Pivot headswivel-headnot only does it have the unique 3-point head (or foot), it also pivots, adding that much more stability as you navigate rough terrain, and simulates a walking movement much like your ankles
  • Easy grip handle – the T-handle is a very comfortable and natural gripping surface, and distributes your weight as you lean on it, directly down the shaft.

A combination of all the above listed items put this walking cane in a class by itself. Yes, there are others that offer one or two of the same features, but none that put them all together like the Hurrycane walking cane.

It’s even reported to be the #1 selling cane in America!

Here is a short video for the Hurrycane walking cane

Reviews of Hurrycane Walking Cane Reviews

I’ve been blowing my horn about this cane, now let’s see what real users are saying about it:

~ Sue starts us off by saying that it’s a lot more stable than a conventional cane, nice soft handle, and overall a lovely “stick”.

~ Moving on to G who says, after a bit of time to get used to it, it’s really good! But cautions that on some higher nap carpets, it will not stand up on its own.

~ From Lael – she likes the way it contacts the floor and leans in the same direction as she does when she walks, providing a good feeling.

~ Di, who is an RN, left these remarks: she can use it without any difficulty – easy to use, and likes that it can easily be retrieved from where it was left (since it stands on its own). Many have given her nice remarks about it, and she has done the same to others, and even helps her patients to buy them. A great cane!

~ The next one comes from Bob. He has had both the fold-up version and the “Go” style. He has used them both for 4 years, and other than replacing the 3-point foot a couple times, says it just keeps on going. Bob is a smaller guy and it still fit him very well providing stability. The best cane ever he finishes with. There were a few reviews that mentioned the foot had to be replaced. The price to be paid I guess, for the flexibility.

~ Comments from Cynthy go like this …. she has had hers for about 1 year for help with bad knees. Snow & ice? – no trouble, even getting in and out of her truck. A very stable tripod base, but don’t lean on it on dodgy surfaces until you’re sure it has a good grip. A fantastic cane!

~ This one sounds fishy, only because the author’s name is Fishey! He (?) has been using the Hurrycane walking cane since it first came out (around 2009) and is still extremely happy with them. The traditional straight canes didn’t give nearly as much stability. He also found himself looking up and ahead, rather than hunched over and looking down, due to the confidence it gave him.

~ The last one I’ll show you comes from someone named Bubbe. He (?) has several problems i.e., sciatica, degenerative discs, balance disorder, and hearing loss. With the added stability, he is able to walk up grassy inclines with greater confidence and security. Since they originally came out, he has bought 5 or 6, merely because he wears out the feet since he uses them so much. He also recommends the Hurrycane walking cane to everyone he sees who could benefit from one.

(*NOTE – Bubbe could have saved some money by buying replacement feet that are available, also on Amazon)



Post Hurrycane Walking Cane Review

Now that you’ve read all the ins and outs for this particular walking cane, what do you think?

Would you buy one?


Do you have personal experience with the Hurrycane walking cane? Care to share?

Post your questions or comments below, and my reply will soon follow 😉


Happy strolling!


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