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I was very active, and above average (if I do say so myself) in several sports during my high school-days. It was my junior year during a football game (American football that is) where I was playing defense. I was going for a tackle where I was completely stretched out, lunging towards the ball carrier, when I myself, was hit in the side of my left knee.Football Tackle





Well needless to say, that ended my HS sports career, as well as sports activities for many years after. My meniscus was torn, along with my ACL. Knee AnatomyAt that time (1976) arthroscopic knee surgery was unknown. My surgical correction involved much larger incisions and a cast from my hip to my toes that I dragged around for 6 weeks. Once the cast was removed, I went through a month of rehab and a variety of different types and sizes of knee braces

For many years after the surgery, I would have to wear a lighter brace for different activities. My experience with surgical repair is much different to today’s procedures, however, braces are still needed to support the knee until full strength and mobility is restored. Over the years, I accumulated several knee braces and this was because I would need a specific one for certain functions, and as my knee regained its full function, I needed less support.Knee Braces

Since you are shopping for a knee brace, I empathize with you and wish you the very best on your path to recovery. As you can see, braces are a key and vital part of getting back on your feet (literally). There are numerous ones to choose from – style, materials, price, supporting abilities, etc. A chat with your physical therapist will be beneficial, and once he or she guides you in the right direction, you can be more informed when shopping online.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope it gives you some direction and insight.

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