by Tom Hein | 2:07 pm

Review: Aspen Horizon 456 TLSO Back Brace (Incredible!)

IN THIS Post, I am Going to Present a Review for the Aspen Horizon 456 TLSO Back Brace, Which I Feel is a High Quality Product From a Reputable Company. You can spend a

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by Tom Hein | 3:56 pm

Review For: DonJoy Hip Brace ( The Best Hip Brace Stabilizer! )

Product – DonJoy X-Act ROM Hip Brace Where to Purchase – CSA Medical Supply One Size Fits Most – Either Right or Left Hip Lightweight and durable Why Would You Need a Hip Brace

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by Tom Hein | 11:46 am

Review For: Breg Hinged Knee Brace (An Absolute Savior!)

Product: Breg Recover Knee Brace Where to Purchase: CSA Medical Supply Sizes: XS – XXXL (diameter) and either a long or short version Material: Airmesh or Neoprene Recommended Uses: Post Operation or Injury Recovery

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by Tom Hein | 12:43 pm

Adjustable Walking Canes (a Practical Guide)

GRANTED, on a site specializing in braces, you may not think of finding adjustable walking canes. However, it IS an aid to either help you through a temporary healing process, or assist those who

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by Tom Hein | 12:20 pm

Lumbar Back Support Cushion (An Essential)

THIS WEBSITE was created to focus primarily on braces to immobilize our skeletal structures for recovery from a wide array of ailments. One aid that fits more into the support category is a lumbar

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Plantar Fasciitis
by Tom Hein | 2:40 pm

A Foot Brace For Plantar Fasciitis Pain (Life-Changing)

CHANCES ARE, that if you’re reading this, you have plantar fasciitis pain and know all about how limiting this can be. In the event that you aren’t familiar with this, and are reading for

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Tennis Player
by Tom Hein | 3:24 pm

Elbow Braces for Tendonitis ( Amazingly NOT Unique to Tennis Players)

WHAT WAS the first thing you thought of when you saw “elbow braces for tendonitis”? I’ll bet it was tennis “elbow”. So called “tennis elbow” can occur for many of us, not just tennis

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Ankle Injury
by Tom Hein | 9:52 am

Ankle Braces for Support (Discover the Benefits)

ANKLE BRACES for support are needed in so many instances! It is so easy to take our ankles for granted, that is until we injure them in some way! The ankle is a complex joint,

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Basketball Players
by Tom Hein | 9:48 am

Braces and Sports (Be Unstoppable on the Basketball Court)

Braces and Sports is today’s topic ….. and basketball in particular. DEALING WITH basketball injuries has changed SO much since I was on the floor! The days of wearing knee pads to prevent injury are

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DDS Inflatable Cervical Traction Collar
by Tom Hein | 11:05 am

Review For: DDS Cervitrac Inflatable Cervical Traction Collar (Impressive!)

Product: DDS Cervitrac Cervical Traction Collar Where to Purchase: CSA Medical Supply Sizes: Small (11.5 – 14.5 inches) Large (14.6 – 17.5 inches) Recommended usage: 15-30 minutes per day and 2-3 times per day

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