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PRODUCT: Bauerfeind AchilloTrain – Achilles Tendon Support

WHERE TO BUY: CSA Medical Supply

SIZES: 5 available – in either RIGHT or LEFTsizing chart achilles tendon support




COLORS: Titanium, Black, Natural


Situations for Using an Achilles Tendon Support

The Achilles tendon is the longest tendon we have in our bodies. It connects the calf muscles to the back of the heel bone, and gets plenty of use from walking, running, and jumping.

There are many ways it can become damaged or inflamed:

  • traumatic force causing a tear or rupture
  • highly strenuous physical sports or other activity
  • moving very quickly at the wrong angle or change of direction
  • natural degeneration through overuse, known as tendinopathy or tendonitis



  • flat foot arches
  • wearing shoes with poor arch support over long periods

OK, so now your Achilles tendon is compromised in some way, and it could be that you even needed surgery to repair it. Now what? How do you deal with healing it properly?

The answer for many situations, like those described above, is an Achilles tendon support.

Here is one that stands (pun intended) above the rest ……

AchilloTrain – Achilles Tendon Support by Bauerfeind

Bauerfeind is a German company, and like many products that come out of Germany, this is one of high quality.

The Achilles tendon support that they designed, has 3 features built into it that no other support has (that I could find). Some have one or two, but not all three. Here are the 3 key features I’m referring to:

~ Material – they use a special knit that is highly breathable to prevent moisture build up, is stretchy enough while still giving firm support – also making it easy to get on and off, and it’s what they call a 3 dimensional anatomical knit that will conform to the bone structure of the ankle.

~ Heel cushion – There is an integrated (and yet removable) heel cushion to help you heal 😉 By absorbing the shock and impact of walking, the stress and tension that travels up into the Achilles tendon is reduced, decreasing the resulting pain.


heel cushion

BONUS – they also include a second heel cushion to be placed in the other shoe to balance out the leg length and prevent structure misalignment while using the Achilles tendon support.

~ Tendon pad – this may be the best feature. The have a longitudinal pad specially designed of a viscoelastic material that sits on either side of the Achilles tendon for the purpose of compression and stimulation of the surrounding tissue, while reducing swelling (since it isn’t directly on the tendon).

achilles tendon padThis pad also produces a massaging type of effect with alternating compression and decompression action. This stimulates the nerves and muscles to recover more quickly.

This Achilles tendon support can be worn in the shoe while going about your daily routine at home or work, while playing sports (very carefully), and also at night.

The support, compression, and massaging actions all combine to increase blood flow to the injured tendon, which promotes faster recovery and healing time.


It’s the #1 best option by European specialists and their patients, and general consumers, suffering from:

  • Tears
  • Rupture
  • Post surgery
  • Tendonitis
  • Achilles paratenonitis
  • Achillodynia
  • Bursitis
  • Haglund’s deformity
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Sprain or strain


Not everyone takes the time to write a review about the item that they’ve purchased. I know I don’t always do that.

But luckily, there are good number of people that did take time out of their busy day to write about their experience with the AchilloTrain – Achilles Tendon Support from Bauerfeind.

In this case, out of 132 reviews I found, 74% of users gave it either 4 or 5 stars, which leaves only 28% at under 3 stars. This confirms for me that it’s truly a good product.

I recognize a quality made product when I see it, and don’t let the price affect my buying decision if it happens to be a bit more than comparable items. Especially when it comes to health related issues. Are you the same?

Here are a few comments that I found from actual users:

~ Peter A writes that he had been suffering with pain in his Achilles tendon for 1 1/2 years. He was advised to try the AchilloTrain – Achilles Tendon Support, and reports that after 2 weeks of wearing the support, he was pain free. It’s a great product that he would highly recommend!

~ Bill says even though he had Achilles tendonitis, he continued to play tennis. Wearing this support while playing, allowed his tendon to heal. He says it’s a must have, even at the price – don’t be afraid to open your wallet for this one!

~ Julia has an interesting comment. She said that she was wearing the AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support on her right foot, and despite helping her torn Achilles tendon (from a year ago) feel better, it didn’t feel quite right. It turns out that she had bought a left foot model. So she cautions to make sure you order the right one (excuse the pun) – unless you need the left version 😉

~ Goose brings up a good point with his review. He said it was very helpful for his ankle and heel issues, BUT – there was trouble with the sizing. He bought size 5 based on the chart and it was too loose. After waiting a long time, he then bought a size 4, and that also was not as snug as it should be. He would have given it 5 stars vs 4 if it wasn’t’t for the sizing problem.

But here is the beauty of buying it through CSA Medical Supply – you get 30 days to try out any off their products, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund! (just be sure to keep the original packaging)

Goose bought 2 braces that weren’t the right size for him. He could have returned them, saved money, ended up with a size 3, and would have been much happier if he had bought from CSA MS.


>> QUICK LINK to CSA Medical Supply to purchase the AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support <<



Final Thoughts





I could go on and on with people’s stories, as everyone has their own unique one to share. Personally, when it comes to reviews, I take them with a grain of salt. I equate them to movie reviews for example. Just because my friend loves a particular movie, doesn’t necessarily mean that I will.

We all have our own tastes and needs, and I tend to rely on my gut feeling, especially when it comes to buying products online. Having said that, I hope you feel as I do about this particular Achilles tendon support.

If it was new and not used by thousands of people or recommended by clinicians, I would not suggest to you to put your money forward for it. But all the evidence I can find points me, and subsequently you, towards making this purchase.

Do you agree – or do you have a differing opinion? Have a question or comment? Please leave it below, and you can count on hearing from me ASAP.

Hope you’re well on your way to being well 🙂

All the best,


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Disclaimer: I am trained in a holistic modality, but not as a doctor, so this post or website should not be taken as medical advice. Please do your own research. Material on this blog is the result of either my own experience or research, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is general information that may not apply to your specific situation, and is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical care or advice.

Please use discernment in the consideration of purchasing any type of health related products via the internet. Educating yourself prior to buying is always suggested and recommended.




Todd Matthews

This would be a great investment for me, being that I love to run but I do find pain in the Achilles area, which alarms me because I also realize from my own research that it’s a common issue for men between the ages of 30 and 40 and I’m about a year and a half away from thirty. I’ve also known a few who have had ruptures and it does not look fun. I’d be willing to get a support simply as a precaution before a massive setback in the Achilles area occurs. 

Jul 26.2019 | 06:00 pm

    Tom Hein

    This is a great approach Todd!

    Very similar to doing regular maintenance on your vehicle – if you keep it in good shape, you can prevent costly and large repairs later. 

    Using a brace as a preventative measure is another great way to utilize it. Keeping stress and strain off the Achilles tendon will pay off in the long run (sorry about the pun lol).

    Thanks very much for the comments Todd, and all the best!


    Jul 27.2019 | 01:52 pm

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