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Product: Bauerfeind ManuLoc Rhizo Wrist Support Best-Carpal-Tunnel-Brace

Where to buy: CSA Medical SupplyBauerfreind

Material: Aluminum and breathable fabric with Velcro straps

Sizes: 4 sizes available covering wrist diameters from 12 – 26cm

Feature: Removable thumb support


What Qualifies as the Best Carpal Tunnel Brace?

HOW DO You Decide Which One is the Best Carpal Tunnel Brace?

If you do research on this subject, as I did, you may become overwhelmed with the choices. There are so many considerations in any type of brace, and this style is no exception.

You need:

  • firm support
  • comfort
  • adjustability
  • lightweight
  • options within that adjustability

This last point, is something that few braces address, and fewer people realize. As your carpal tunnel symptoms (CTS) improve, you will want the ability to have increasingly more and more flexibility while still being properly supported.

Reviewing the Bauerfeind ManuLoc Rhizo Wrist Support

You will notice right off that this brace is longer than most. I see this as beneficial, since it will further limit range of motion and promote faster healing, and after all, isn’t that the most important thing – to have full pain-free function return ASAP?! If you have more mobility in the forearm and wrist, you will be more prone to overuse an already inflamed area. Not good!

The Bauerfeind also has a removable and adjustable thumb support that NO other manufacturer provides. Having your thumb immobilized in the beginning, along with the wrist and higher, stops those muscles and nerves from unwanted movement. As inflammation recedes, you will want the added benefit of using your thumb once again, and this can be accomplished with this carpal tunnel wrist support.

Not only is the thumb support removable, but with this brace, you can loosen the straps as your wrist improves. This is necessary to maintain muscle tone in graduations to correlate with improvement. If the healing process takes an extended time, you don’t want the muscle to atrophy.

There were high quality materials used to make this brace. At the core of this carpal tunnel wrist support you will find aluminum not plastic. This makes it not only lightweight, but shapeable. Not all wrists and arms are the same, so you have the ability to mold it to where it is the most comfortable, not break, and still give the needed support.

It gives all this great support while still maintaining a slim profile, making it possible to slip you shirt sleeve over it.

Not convinced yet that this is the Best Carpal Tunnel Brace? 



Let’s dig deeper ……


Benefits Over Other Brands



  • Sizes – some offer 2 sizes, and others only 1 size option. With the 4 sizes available with the Bauerfeind ManuLoc Rhizo Wrist Support, they also offer the widest range to cover more wrist diameters (from 12-26cm). Plus, the over length is longer as previously mentioned.
  • Aluminum stays- not plastic. Plastic has its benefits, but not when you need 

Aluminum-Stays         shapeability that comes from aluminum.

  • Wraparound style vs pull on. I find it hard to believe that for a condition like CTS, that anyone would think it’s a good idea to pull a glove type of brace over your hand and put that type of extra strain on your wrist. Besides that, having a glove tight fit, allows for zero adjustability.
  • Customized for right or left – some might say that it’s better to have one brace that will fit either hand. I don’t agree. To give form fitting, comfortable support, I will opt for one that has been tailored to right or left, and still gives flexibility to adapt and tweak for the best possible fit.
  • Open – the open and airy design allows for plenty of air flow, unlike others that have material completely wrapping around the wrist/forearm, leaving you possibly hot, sweaty, and itchy.
  • Returnability – when buying from CSA Medical Supply, you have the luxury of trying it for 30 days. If you’re not happy, they will give a full refund!


Cost of the Best Carpal Tunnel Brace

At $206.95, you might balk at that price. I understand that, as there are plenty of cheaper options for a carpal tunnel wrist support. But will you get all the quality benefits that the Bauerfeind brace will give you?

I know for some, the bottom line when making a purchase is take the least expensive no matter what, but you can guess what’s coming next…… “you get what you pay for”.

While I’m not one to buy the best on the market of the particular item I intend to purchase, I also don’t want the cheapest, as that more often than not brings with it cheaper quality.

This certainly holds true when it comes to my health related purchases. I would rather spend a little more and be 100% satisfied (as in the best carpal tunnel brace), instead of buying multiple items and face the prospect of losing money if it’s not returnable after being worn.


Compliments From Users






Here are some comments from people that have used the best carpal tunnel brace (in my opinion):

Louise says it’s “Brilliant!” She tried many braces to restrict the movement of her wrist, and this one “outdid itself”.

Victoria adds – she suffered from chronic wrist pain, and was unable to find the right brace, until she bought the Bauerfeind ManuLoc Rhizo Wrist Support. She said it was well worth the price, as it keeps her wrist locked in place and so – NO pain!

The 3rd review I found was short, but succinct – “a Good product!”

Will you be the next to give it a good review?

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Wrapping It Up For The Best Carpal Tunnel Brace Review

I would be very interested to know if you agree with my assessment of this carpal tunnel wrist support.

Have you used other ones, been dissatisfied, and have now found your way to my page?

Are you looking for your first brace and are seriously considering the Bauerfeind ManuLoc Rhizo Wrist Support?

Can you add your experience with CTS here so we can all learn more, and in so doing, benefit?

If you feel moved to comment, you can be sure to hear from me promptly.

All the best,


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Disclaimer: I am trained in a holistic modality, but not as a doctor, so this post or website should not be taken as medical advice. Please do your own research. Material on this blog is the result of either my own experience or research, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is general information that may not apply to your specific situation, and is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical care or advice.

Please use discernment in the consideration of purchasing any type of health related products via the internet. Educating yourself prior to buying is always suggested and recommended.


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