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Product: Supportiback® Posture Therapy Lumbar Support Cushion

Material: Memory Foam interior with breathable cover

Size: 32 cm square

Included: 30 day risk-free trial and FREE e-Book – “Back Health”


Why Do I Need a Lumbar Support Cushion?

People’s general posture seems to getting worse rather than better all on its own, and what we are forced to sit on/in doesn’t help this situation.

Think about what you are sitting on day in and day out. Starting at home – soft overstuffed armchairs and sofas. In your car – seats that put you in a position that is not ergonomically correct. The commute to work – on buses or trains whose seats are far from providing proper spine health. At work – if you have a desk job, very few companies provide their employees with chairs that give lumbar support.

So all these incorrect seating options, on a daily basis, will end up giving us back aches. When our spine takes on pressure that reverses its natural curve, we feel pain due to muscle strain and nerve disruption. Back pain can stop us in our tracks, so it is imperative that we take good care of our backs with any and all means possible.

There are many options for a lumbar support cushion available. You want one that will give support where its needed, last over the years, and be comfortable enough so that you want to use it wherever you go.

This one is worth consideration!


Product Overview

Most back lumbar supports that use memory foam will trap and build up your body heat, leaving you with sweat marks on your shirt or blouse.


lumbar support cushionThe Supportiback® Posture Therapy Lumbar Support Cushion utilizes a breathable mesh cover which allows heat to dissipate, since there will be air flowing, instead of being trapped.



They use a top quality memory foam, or viso-elastic foam, which shapes itself to your back and gives just the right amount of firmness to keep pain from setting in.



A recent upgrade is a longer, adjustable strap so you can place it in just the perfect spot on different chair backs to give your lower back, lumbar support where precisely where want it without it moving around.

This was a collaborative design between doctors and clinicians to give long-lasting relief from the effects of poor posture due to inadequate back lumbar support while seated.

Any place that you go where will you will be sitting, this lumbar support cushion can and should be used. It simply fits behind your back while in the seated position, whether it’s in a train/plane/automobile, at home, work, the movies, or even in a wheelchair.



But There Are Cheaper Ones Out There

We can always find a less expensive price on any item, but there are a couple old adages that apply here:

“You get what you pay for” and “You will never be disappointed with the best”.

Some foam cushions are either too soft or too hard, and as a result, don’t give you the consistent form shaping support that this memory foam cushion will. And if they don’t have a breathable mesh cover, you will be hot in no time.

Personally, I would rather pay a little extra for a product that has longevity. That way I avoid the hassle of buying another in a short time, plus I keep less garbage out of the landfill.


User Reviews

Out of 821 customer reviews on Amazon, 75% gave this back lumbar support a 5 Star rating!

That tells us 2 things – first it’s a popular product. To get that many people leaving comments, when most of us can’t be bothered, says that there are exponentially that many more who purchase and aren’t giving a review.

Secondly, It’s plainly and simply a quality product. Another 18% came in at a 4 star rating, leaving a very small percentage of negative comments.

  • Great support and quality
  • If you have sciatica, I highly recommend it
  • Purchased because of the good reviews
  • My savior as a college student
  • Great for office chairs or a chair at a work table
  • Can’t be beat for spinal/lumbar support
  • Unprecedented comfort from this back lumbar support
  • Improved sleep
  • Excellent for spine alignment
  • Amazing genuine relief

And they go on and on, but this is a sample of what happy users are saying.


Additional Input?

Feedback Comments

Do you have some insight to pass along to all of here who are reading this post? Have you found a similar back lumbar support that you feel would work even better? If so, I would love to research it and possibly promote it here for others to benefit from.

I guarantee to reply in very short order!

Here’s to your lower back health 😉

All the best,


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Nate MC

I like this. Thanks for the throughout review. I’m going to recommend this to people who are looking for back support, especially those who sit behind a desk at an office for a good portion of their week! I too might purchase this in the future because like you said, people sit in positions that result in poor posture on a daily basis. 

Jun 24.2019 | 05:23 am

    Tom Hein

    Thank you for your comments Nate!

    There are so many situations where we could use a lumbar cushion. 

    How well is your lower back supported right now, in the chair you’re sitting in, as you read this?? 

    Even if you don’t have an immediate need for one this minute, it would be good to have ready when your back starts “talking” to you.

    Here’s to your very good back health!

    Cheers –


    Jun 24.2019 | 09:00 am


I have been using a pillow with memory foam technology and it has been awesome. So, just because they use memory foam, I think supportiback  lumbar will deliver great results. I will not need to be trying different positions to be comfortable sitting down. But every time I will sit on it, it will remember my shape and I will be comfortable right away.

I think it is a great idea and it will deliver great results. I would have loved to have a full size back, but this will do for the lower back.


Jun 24.2019 | 05:25 am

    Tom Hein

    That’s a good point Adyns68 – memory foam is a great invention, since it moulds itself to your unique back shape. This makes it a truly “one size fits all” back aid. 

    With proper posture, having the lower back supported correctly, the rest of the back should hold its ideal alignment. So a full body cushion, in most instances, would not be necessary. 

    Having said that, we all have different shapes, with different requirements. 

    I hope your back serves you well for many years to come without pain!

    All the best,


    Jun 24.2019 | 09:22 am

Edwin Bernard

You brought up an important issue regarding lumbar support. My mind can’t wrap around abusing ones back year after year and expecting everything to be just fine. No wonder back problems are so common.

Are these devices available heated or cooled? Would the application of heat or cold be beneficial to the user? When I have back pain I use a heated pad filled with herbs that is supposed to provide therapeutic benefits.

I a glad that you elevated this issue for the benefit of others.

Jun 24.2019 | 05:27 am

    Tom Hein

    Great comments Edwin!

    Unfortunately, bad posture becomes the new “norm” for far too many of us. It becomes the default way of life, which leads to many problems down the road. This has a cumulative effect and builds up to the point where the body just can’t cope any longer. 

    I haven’t seen one that gives the option to add heat or cold. There is another style of back brace that is worn directly on the body, that offers this ability. It is available through

    Some places will suggest cold therapy for aching muscles. I don’t agree with that, as cold causes tensing and stiffening, not relaxing. I like your idea of heat n herbs 😉

    Another great way to ease sore muscles is to soak for 20-30 minutes in a hot bath with 1 cup of Epsom salts. The magnesium in the salt is a very good muscle relaxant. 

    Thank you for your support, and I hope you stay pain free!

    All the best,


    Jun 24.2019 | 09:15 am

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