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Product: Solace Care Lateral Epicondylitis EPI Clasp

Where to Buy: Amazon

Sizes: Designed to fit most

Material: 80% Neoprene 20% Nylon w/gel pad


Tendonitis Elbow Strap vs a Sleeve

SINCE YOU’RE Probably Reading This Due to Having Elbow Tendonitis, You May be Wondering if a Full Elbow Sleeve is Better, or if the Tendonitis Elbow Strap That Goes Below the Elbow is the Best Choice.

Logic would dictate that you want the support wrapped around the painful area – the elbow. While this makes sense, there is no evidence to back this idea.

This is where the pain shows up, but not necessarily the origination of it. The tendons of the forearm have their attachment point on the elbow, but the muscles they are attached to travel down to the wrist.

So it can be a combination of overuse of the elbow, plus wrist/hand that can cause the pain.

What is in between these two points? …. the forearm muscles that are pulling excessively on the tendons of the elbow.

This is where tendonitis elbow straps are of greater benefit (and more can be found here on this topic). You especially want a strap that has a pad, or ideally two pads, to provide compression on the forearm muscles, which relieves tension and thereby reduces pain and allows healing.


Features of the Solace Care Tendonitis Elbow Strap with Gel Pad tendonitis elbow strap

~ The neoprene material tends to have a warming effect, which will soothe aching muscles, plus it’s flexibility adds compression while being soft to the skin.

~ The gel pad that is incorporated into the strap, puts compression directly on the muscles of the forearm.

~ This offer has 2 straps in the package which I like. Research has shown that 2 pads for compressing the muscles is more effective than just a single pad. The research that proves this theory did not name who makes this strap, so that is why I like the idea of using 2 single straps in combination, to put needed compression on 2 different muscle groups of the forearm.

~ Having one strap being adjustable enough to fit most arm sizes, rather than ordering a size you think is best, only to have it be the wrong fit and having the hassle of returning it.

~ The Solace Care Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support Strap be used by sporting people i.e.; tennis/golf etc. suffering from elbow tendonitis, for those with a weak or injured elbow, “mouse” elbow, or a strained or inflamed forearm.

~ Can be used either on the right or left arm, by men or women


No Comments? reviews pic

Regrettably, I was unable to provide in this review, comments and reviews from those who have bought and used the Solace Care tendonitis Elbow Strap.

It could be that most tendonitis straps in the past, were just that – a strap to wrap around the forearm.

It could be that the concept of adding the gel pad for added compression in a specific location is new(ish) and not yet recognised as being more effective?

Whether the masses have caught up with research, or things that work, doesn’t deter me from using things that make sense to me.

If I could locate the strap from the research I mentioned, I would definitely be promoting that one, as it makes all the sense in the world to me. But, I chose this one, or rather this one in tandem use, as the one to take away your tendonitis pain and get you back to full potential.



This wraps up my review for the tendonitis elbow strap from Solace Care.

If you are suffering from elbow pain, I truly hope this strap gives you the relief you are looking for.

Whether it helps you, or even if it doesn’t, I would like to know either way. Please leave your review, comments, and/or questions below, and you can count on my quick reply!

All the best,


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