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As a young boy, and into my teen years, I was very active with all the major sports, and with that came a variety of injuries. Moving into my adult, working life, I chose a career in construction which was very physical and with that, also came many aches, pains, and minor injuries. So for many, many years, I have been familiar with the need to use various aids to help me rehabilitate from the traumas that life brought my way.



The life I outlined above gave me insight into how we tend to put our bodies through demanding scenarios. This made me wonder just how many others feel the aches and pains of daily life, and it was this thought that made me pursue a new career in holistic health. I wished to use my background and experience with managing my pain to help others.



Since I have personally used a brace of some sort on every part of my body at one time or another, my goal was to make available to those who need them, a one stop shop to find the right match for the specific brace to their concern.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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Kimberleigh Matthews

Hi Tom
This is a great site with so much wealth of information on the type of braces available to minimise the pain associated with the strains of life. Your site is very educational and informative. I completely agree about addressing the emotional aspect of aches and pains as our bodies communicate oftentimes through the sensations we feel which can express in the form of pain. Thank you.

Apr 10.2019 | 03:38 pm

    Tom Hein

    Hello Kimberleigh,

    I appreciate you taking time to visit and read through my site. I’m glad you found it informative as well.
    We all need a little extra help, in one form or another, from time to time and very often it requires a multiple plan of attack for addressing the specific need.

    All the best,

    Apr 10.2019 | 03:46 pm

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